Yukoner wins coveted music award

By lanarae on November 1, 2006 in News with No Comments


One of the Yukon’s own will be bringing home a Western Canadian Music Award after the ceremony was held in Winnipeg on Sunday. Lana Rae beat out Bob King, Rick Scott, She and Graham Walker for the Outstanding Children’s Album award on her 2005 release of I Gotta Be me.

The release is her second solo album following I Just Want To be Little. …Lana Rae’s “I Gotta Be Me” will have as much appeal to adults as it does to children while it journey’s through  childhood using life experience as its creative force. Rae has used her experience as a mother and teacher in trying to bridge the gap between children and parents. “Parents everywhere in the world share so many of the same experiences,” she said in a statement which also notes that her songs take on a “universal, humorous look at childhood and parenting while avoiding the temptation to talk down to kids.”

Among the 11 songs titles on I Gotta Be Me are  I’m Gonna Plant A Piece Of Pizza, Kung Fu Granny, and My Mom Was A  Teenager Too. Rae’s award for outstanding children’s recording was among the 20 to be handed out Sunday.

Rock band Harlequin was also honored with an induction into the Hall of Fame. Most of the awards were handed out at the Burton Cumming’s Theatre. …

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