Lana Rae Wins 2006 Western Canadian Music Award

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WINNER of the 2006 WESTERN CANADIAN MUSIC AWARD for Outstanding Children’s Album

Yukon singer songwriter is thrilled to take home her Western Canadian Music Award for – “Lana Rae-I Gotta Be Me”.    

Arriving back in the Yukon to fanfare and a beautiful white limo, Lana Rae proudly held up her award, which was won in Winnipeg at the 2006 Western Canadian Music Awards.

It was an exciting weekend that included a performance with Bob King and House of Doc at the awards show and sharing the stage with Jann Arden while the awards were presented.

After an early morning interview with CBC, Lana Rae headed for Calgary to do some school performances before making her way back to Whitehorse.

“Yukoners have been absolutely wonderful in their support. I am so proud to bring this home to them to say thanks to everyone who has encouraged me, bought CDs, attended concerts and believed in my music.”

Parents are saying, “It is simply the best kids CD we own”,                                         “Thanks for the hours of enjoyment with our three kids…It’s absolutely delightful!”

Lana Rae is a Mom, teacher and songwriter whose songs are able to bridge a gap between kids and their parents. Her songs take a universal, humorous look at childhood and parenting while avoiding the temptation to talk down to kids.

Lana Rae loves to talk to Moms and Dads about her source of musical inspiration because, “Parents everywhere in the world share so many of the same experiences ….”

Gumball Records and Quizam Media congratulate Lana Rae on her 2006 WCMA AWARD for Outstanding Children’s Album –Lana Rae-I Gotta Be Me!,


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