Saturday October 8, 2005 2pm matinee, Yukon Arts Centre

By lanarae on October 8, 2005 in News with No Comments

Didier Delahaye-Marketing Coordinator Yukon Arts Centre
The Yukon Arts Centre is pleased to celebrate Thanksgiving by presenting a family concert that the whole family can enjoy.
Lana Rae has become not only the Yukon’s greatest children’s entertainer but is poised to become an integral part of Canada’s traditionally strong line-up of Kids entertainers.

Kids entertainment is a highly demanding discipline that requires a powerfully dynamic stage presence.

As the legion of little fans who have been ripping out Lana Rae’s posters from all kiosks and public places last week can attest, Lana Rae has long had the goods to build up a strong core audience.
On the Arts Centre stage, she will be playing it up in style and in gusto, and you might not even have to bring kids along to enjoy the show and realize what a great talent we have in our midst.

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