Gumball Records releases a new CD

By lanarae on July 1, 2005 in News with No Comments

 For Immediate Release

                      JULY 2005

                         Gumball Records releases a new CD

    …..for the truly young at heart


Anyone who has ever wanted to hear the crunch of a certain “purple dinosaur” CD under the wheel of their car will love this latest musical adventure by West Coast Music Award Nominee Lana Rae.

As a survivor of parenting (she’s made it through the teenage years), Lana Rae has unleashed an incredible mix of music, humor and a rocking beat as the driving force  behind the 11 original, funky, laugh ‘til you cry, tracks that come alive on – Lana Rae “I Gotta Be Me”.

Track 1- “I’ve Been Looking at Bums”  lets us remember life from a child’s perspective … (or height at least!!) “My Mom Was a Teenager Too” is a reminder to both children and parents that times don’t really change too much! “Kung Fu Granny” –is based on real life and destined for the next reality T.V. show… and “Junkfood Queen” …hey ….we’ve all been there.

If you are, or have ever been a child, parent, or grandparent you are going to love this new extreme in children’s music. Remember…. kids will be kids…and so can grown-ups.

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